Shot at Glory: World’s fittest, fastest cameramen outrace 10K runners, Usain Bolt

Shot at Glory: World’s fittest, fastest cameramen outrace 10K runners, Usain Bolt

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With the proliferation of automated drones and robotic cameras, cameramen are facing the same challenges as workers in a whole host of increasingly automated disciplines. In the race to keep pace with advancing technology, only the fittest cameramen will survive — this is especially true of those covering track events.

[fusion_title size=”4″]WORLD’S FITTEST CAMERAMAN[/fusion_title]

Showing that he was willing to go that extra mile to capture the drama of a 10K from start to finish, the cameraman in the above video not only stayed with the runners stride-for-stride, but outraced them down the stretch.

World's fittest cameraman outraces 10K runners in Powerade commercial

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Alas, the cameraman’s unbelievable feat was just that… unbelievable. It was the fantastical piece commissioned by Powerade in the run up to the Beijing Olympic Games. But there are speedy cameramen out there in real life…

[fusion_title size=”4″]CAMERAMEN VS USAIN BOLT[/fusion_title]

In the above clip, which is the real deal, not just one, but four different cameramen overtake Usain Bolt as he takes his victory lap. Fortunately, none of them were riding Segways, as we’ve seen how that can end up, and it’s not pretty.

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