World’s fastest animals easily outrace Usain Bolt in 100-meter dash

World’s fastest animals easily outrace Usain Bolt in 100-meter dash

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Among homo sapiens, none in history have been as fleet of foot as Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, but in the wider kingdom of Animalia, Bolt is an absolute slow poke.

World's fastest animals: Usain Bolt gets blown away by swordfish, cheetah and peregrine falcon

While Bolt totally smokes fellow bipeds (like James Corden and Owen Wilson), he is easily outpaced by all manner of furry, finned and feathered creatures.

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[fusion_progress percentage=”100″ unit=”%” filledcolor=”#F8E8DD” unfilledcolor=”#DDDDDD”]Peregrin falcon, 389 kph (242 mph) —[/fusion_progress]
[fusion_progress percentage=”82.3″ unit=”%” filledcolor=”#FFEEDD” unfilledcolor=”#DDDDDD”]Golden eagle, 320 kph (200 mph) —[/fusion_progress]
[fusion_progress percentage=”41.1″ unit=”%” filledcolor=”#F8E8DD” unfilledcolor=”#DDDDDD”]Mexican free-tailed bat, 160 kph (99 mph) —[/fusion_progress]
[fusion_progress percentage=”38.3″ unit=”%” filledcolor=”#FFEEDD” unfilledcolor=”#DDDDDD”]Rock dove, 149 kph (92 mph) —[/fusion_progress]
[fusion_progress percentage=”37.3″ unit=”%” filledcolor=”#F8E8DD” unfilledcolor=”#DDDDDD”]Horsefly, 145 kph (90 mph) —[/fusion_progress]
[fusion_progress percentage=”33.2″ unit=”%” filledcolor=”#FFEEDD” unfilledcolor=”#DDDDDD”]Black marlin, 129 kph (80 mph) —[/fusion_progress]
[fusion_progress percentage=”31.1″ unit=”%” filledcolor=”#F8E8DD” unfilledcolor=”#DDDDDD”]Cheetah, 121 kph (75 mph) —[/fusion_progress]
[fusion_progress percentage=”24.9″ unit=”%” filledcolor=”#FFEEDD” unfilledcolor=”#DDDDDD”]Swordfish, 97 kph (60 mph) —[/fusion_progress]
[fusion_progress percentage=”22.6″ unit=”%” filledcolor=”#F8E8DD” unfilledcolor=”#DDDDDD”]Springbok, 88 kph (55 mph) —[/fusion_progress]
[fusion_progress percentage=”20.6″ unit=”%” filledcolor=”#FFEEDD” unfilledcolor=”#DDDDDD”]Lion, 80 kph (50 mph) —[/fusion_progress]
[fusion_progress percentage=”19.0″ unit=”%” filledcolor=”#F8E8DD” unfilledcolor=”#DDDDDD”]Greyhound, 74 kph (46 mph) —[/fusion_progress]
[fusion_progress percentage=”18.5″ unit=”%” filledcolor=”#FFEEDD” unfilledcolor=”#DDDDDD”]Jackrabbit, 72 kph (45 mph) —[/fusion_progress]
[fusion_progress percentage=”18.3″ unit=”%” filledcolor=”#F8E8DD” unfilledcolor=”#DDDDDD”]Horse, 71 kph (44 mph) —[/fusion_progress]
[fusion_progress percentage=”11.6″ unit=”%” filledcolor=”#FFEEDD” unfilledcolor=”#DDDDDD”]Human, 45 kph (28 mph) —[/fusion_progress]
[fusion_progress percentage=”10.3″ unit=”%” filledcolor=”#F8E8DD” unfilledcolor=”#DDDDDD”]Central bearded dragon, 40 kph (25 mph) —[/fusion_progress]

Topping the list of the world’s fastest animals, is the peregrine falcon which attains speeds as high as 389 kph (242 mph) when diving. The fastest mammal is the Mexican free-tailed bat, which also holds the fastest horizontal speed record of all animals at 160 kph (99 mph). The black marlin is the fastest aquatic animal at 129 kph (80 mph), while the fastest reptile, the central bearded dragon, comes in 40 kph (25 mph) — not too far off Usain Bolt’s top speed.

[fusion_title size=”4″]USAIN BOLT VS CHEETAH[/fusion_title]

Bolt, who has achieved speeds in excess of 45 kilometers per hour (28 mph), would need a 40-meter head start just to tie a cheetah, the world’s fastest land animal, in the 100-meter dash.

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