Epic human bowling with YouTubers Devin Graham, Team Edge, Funk Bros, and Dobre Twins

Epic human bowling with YouTubers Devin Graham, Team Edge, Funk Bros, and Dobre Twins

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One of the ongoing challenges for dedicated YouTubers is dreaming up content to keep their subscribers entertained. One trope guaranteed to generate clicks is human bowling, where a person, in one way or another, becomes part of the bowling ball.

[fusion_title size=”4″]SNOW BOWLING WITH DEVIN[/fusion_title]

In 2014, Devin Graham, who produces extreme sport videos for his YouTube channel devinsupertramp, partnered with Bear Naked Granola to film human bowling on snowy Mammoth Mountain in California. Bowlers barreled down the ski slope in a Zorb ball before smashing into giant-sized inflatable pins at the bottom.

Human bowling at Mammoth Mountain, California

Adding a Indiana Jones flavor to the mix, Graham sent a series of hapless guinea pigs running for their lives down the slope ahead of the ball.

[fusion_title size=”4″]SLIP ‘N SLIDE HUMAN BOWLING[/fusion_title]

Matthias, J-Fred and Brian of Team Edge, took a decidedly more summery approach to their venture into human bowling. The helmeted bowlers rocketed across a Slip ‘N Slide, crashing headfirst into plastic 5-gallon buckets that served as pins.

[fusion_title size=”4″]TOY JEEP HUMAN BOWLING[/fusion_title]

Pro scooter riders Corey and Capron Funk, aka the Funk Bros, ditched their two wheelers for a toy jeep during an impromptu session of human bowling in the California foothills.

The Funk Bros go human bowling in California foothills with trash cans as pins

Six trash bins were commandeered to serve as the bowling pins, and were left unharmed during filming… presumably.

[fusion_title size=”4″]DOBRE TWINS GO HUMAN BOWLING[/fusion_title]

Twin brothers, and prolific YouTubers, Lucas and Marcus Dobre teamed with their parents and elder brothers for a family-fueled, human-bowling adventure in a Maryland park. Mother Aurelia, a one-time gymnast for the Romanian national team, could barely contain her glee at being sealed up in the Zorb ball.

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