Shaquille O’Neal and Scottie Pippen go one-on-one on Instagram… everybody loses

Shaquille O’Neal and Scottie Pippen go one-on-one on Instagram… everybody loses

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Shaquille O’Neal and Scottie Pippen’s careers didn’t intersect long enough for any true on-court rivalry to develop, but through the magic/curse of social media they have initiated a present-day kerfuffle.

SHAQ’S CAPTION: We would beat em by fifty "what you think". Let me know and don't hold back

Shaq started it all with the above Instagram post. The big guy posited that a Lakers’ squad comprised of Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Elgin Baylor, himself and Kareem Abdul-Jabaar would trounce a Bulls team featuring Derrick Rose, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and Horace Grant.

[fusion_title size=”4″]FIRST TAKE[/fusion_title]

On ESPN First Take, both Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith concurred that Shaq’s all-time Lakers team, as assembled, would beat the Bulls. However, Bayless countered with an alternative Bulls lineup including defensive MVPs Artis Gilmore and Tyson Chandler, that he felt could defeat the Lakers lineup.

Pippen caught wind of Shaq’s boast, and an inane Instagram battle was born.

[fusion_title size=”4″]PIPPEN TAKES THE BAIT[/fusion_title]

PIP’S CAPTION: Sorry @shaq but I don't get caught up in hypotheticals. All I know is we won 6 titles, twice the amount you claimed while in LA…

[fusion_title size=”4″]SHAQ RESPONDS[/fusion_title]

SHAQ’S CAPTION: Sorry @scottiepippen I don’t believe in hypotheticals either, but I seen most of those final you did ok , but this guy did most the work. #youwereok steve kerr and Ron harper deserve more credit than you , remember I WAS BATMAN YOU WAS ROBIN , I was PUFFY YOU WAS MASE…

[fusion_title size=”4″]PIPPEN MOCKS SHAQS FREE THROWS[/fusion_title]

PIP’S CAPTION: Easy big fella… if only you were as good at free throws as you are talking smack! @shaq

[fusion_title size=”4″]SHAQ CALLS PIPPEN A SIDEKICK[/fusion_title]


[fusion_title size=”4″]PIPPEN CALLS SHAQ A SIDEKICK[/fusion_title]

PIP’S CAPTION: Speaking of being a sidekick… if I recall correctly you know a thing or two about that as well. @shaq

[fusion_title size=”4″]SHAQ GETS NASTY…[/fusion_title]

SHAQ’S CAPTION: Go oust and get them sidekick edition Scottie pippen a exclusively on he’s a

[fusion_title size=”4″]…AND NASTIER[/fusion_title]


[fusion_title size=”4″]PIPPEN CALLS TIME OUT[/fusion_title]

PIP’S CAPTION: Still going strong after 18 years! Happy anniversary @larsapippen

[fusion_title size=”4″]SHAQ GETS NOSTALGIC[/fusion_title]

SHAQ’S CAPTION: See what happens @scottiepippen when Michael Jordan ain’t protecting you, you lose a 17 pt lead in the fourth quarter. And this happens

[fusion_title size=”4″]PIPPEN DECLARES GAME OVER[/fusion_title]

PIP’S CAPTION: Game over, @shaq. All that’s ever mattered to me is winning and we did plenty of that in Chicago…

[fusion_title size=”4″]SHAQ KEEPS PLAYING…[/fusion_title]

SHAQ’S CAPTION: @scottiepippen yes THE GREAT MICHAEL JORDAN GOT YOU SIX RINGS , but you will always be remembered as MR 2nd FIDDLE. SECOND BEHIND HIM AND SECOND BEHIND ME. GAME AINT OVER TIL I SAY SO. stay in yo place. 6 time nba CHUMPION

[fusion_title size=”4″]…THEN RIDES OFF INTO THE SUNSET[/fusion_title]

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