LeBron James gets drunk playing Ellen one-on-one, sings “Happy Birthday” to Kevin Love

LeBron James gets drunk playing Ellen one-on-one, sings “Happy Birthday” to Kevin Love

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LeBron James flew out to Los Angeles for #PremiereWeek on The Ellen Show and was coerced by Ellen DeGeneres into playing a drinking game based on throwing crumpled paper balls into Roomba-mounted roving wastebaskets.

I shot hoops with @KingJames.

A video posted by Ellen (@theellenshow) on

Due to wonky scoring, James ended up having four shots of vodka versus just one-and-a-sip for the host. James looked less than enthused in having to down shots two through four.

[fusion_title size=”4″]LEBRON’S NEW VENTURE[/fusion_title]

Before the hoops game, James shared details on his latest business venture; producing a game show for NBC based on plinko (which is itself based on Japan’s pachinko) — a game where a ball is randomly diverted down a board by a grid of pegs. No word yet on who will emcee the show, but it’s probably a safe bet it won’t be Seattle Sounders FC part-owner Drew Carey who already hosts a plinko game on The Price Is Right.

Drew Carey explains plinko game on 'The Price Is Right'

[fusion_title size=”4″]LEBRON SINGS HAPPY BIRTHDAY[/fusion_title]

After The Ellen Show taping, James posted a video to Instagram of himself signing “Happy Birthday” to an old Sports Illustrated cover of teammate Kevin Love who turned 28-years-old on Wednesday.

Judging from the vocals and camera work, the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar may have still been feeling the effects from the drinking game…

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