Kings of Instagram: Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, AB de Villiers tops in followers among cricketers

Kings of Instagram: Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, AB de Villiers tops in followers among cricketers

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Sir Donald Bradman may have been the greatest batsman of all time, but his genius on the cricket pitch came eight decades too early for him to become an Instagram star. Even Sachin Tendulkar, who one can also make a persuasive argument for being the GOAT — and retired relatively recently — has just the second most followers among cricket players.

[fusion_title size=”4″]CRICKET’S INSTAGRAM KINGS[/fusion_title]

As it is, current India captain Virat Kohli is tops on Instagram by a wide margin with almost 15 million followers. South Africa captain AB de Villiers comes in a distant third place behind Tendulkar.

Kings of Instagram: Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, AB de Villiers have most followers among cricket stars

In all, eight of the top ten cricketers on Instagram are still playing, and seven of the ten are Indians. Australia captain Steve Smith edges out yet another Indian star for tenth place.

UPDATED August 8, 2017

[fusion_title size=”4″]10) STEVE SMITH[/fusion_title]

A post shared by Steve Smith (@steve_smith49) on

Steven Peter Devereux Smith
Current team: Rising Pune Supergiants
Born June 2, 1989 🇦🇺 Sydney, Australia
Instagram followers: 1.0 million

[fusion_title size=”4″]8) CHRIS GAYLE[/fusion_title]

A post shared by KingGayle 👑 (@chrisgayle333) on

Christopher Henry Gayle
Current team: Karachi Kings
Born September 21, 1979 🇯🇲 Kingston, Jamaica
Instagram followers: 1.6 million

[fusion_title size=”4″]9) VIRENDER SEHWAG[/fusion_title]

Virender Sehwag
Last team: Kings XI Punjab
Born October 20, 1978 🇮🇳 Delhi, India
Instagram followers: 1.7 million

[fusion_title size=”4″]7) HARBHAJAN SINGH[/fusion_title]

Harbhajan Singh Plaha
Current team: Mumbai Indians
Born July 3, 1980 🇮🇳 Jalandhar, India
Instagram followers: 1.9 million

[fusion_title size=”4″]6) SURESH RAINA[/fusion_title]

A post shared by Suresh Raina (@sureshraina3) on

Suresh Raina
Current team: Gujarat Lions
Born November 27, 1986 🇮🇳 Muradnagar, India
Instagram followers: 3.2 million

[fusion_title size=”4″]5) ROHIT SHARMA[/fusion_title]

A post shared by Rohit Sharma (@rohitsharma45) on

Rohit Gurunath Sharma
Current team: Mumbai Indians
Born April 30, 1987 🇮🇳 Nagpur, India
Instagram followers: 3.4 million

[fusion_title size=”4″]4) YUVRAJ SINGH[/fusion_title]

A post shared by Yuvraj Singh (@yuvisofficial) on

Yuvraj Singh
Current team: Sunrisers Hyderabad
Born December 12, 1981 🇮🇳 Chandigarh, India
Instagram followers: 3.5 million

[fusion_title size=”4″]3) AB DE VILLIERS[/fusion_title]

Abraham Benjamin de Villiers
Current team: Royal Challengers Bangalore
Born February 14, 1984 🇿🇦 Pretoria, South Africa
Instagram followers: 4.0 million

[fusion_title size=”4″]2) SACHIN TENDULKAR[/fusion_title]

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar
Last team: Marylebone Cricket Club
Born April 24, 1973 🇮🇳 Mumbai, India
Instagram followers: 7.5 million

[fusion_title size=”4″]1) VIRAT KOHLI[/fusion_title]

A post shared by Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli) on

Virat Kohli
Current team: Royal Challengers Bangalore
Born November 5, 1988 🇮🇳 Delhi, India
Instagram followers: 14.9 million

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