Iron Mike Tyson gets “Buster Douglasized” by princess-pink 3rd generation CyBoard

Iron Mike Tyson gets “Buster Douglasized” by princess-pink 3rd generation CyBoard

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When Buster Douglas knocked out the previously unbeaten heavyweight champ Mike Tyson in 1990, it shocked the boxing world. Twenty-five years later, all it takes to knock Tyson off his feet is a CyBoard self-balancing two-wheeled scooter — princess pink no less.

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Maybe Tyson should employ his Madame Tussauds life-size wax replica as a crash test dummy before jumping aboard the next new-fangled conveyance…

Wax face off. Which one is the real me… #madametussaudslasvegas

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[fusion_title size=”4″]REMEMBERING DOUGLAS[/fusion_title]

Tyson was 37-0 going into his fight against Douglas at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. His handlers confined him to his hotel prior to the fight in the hopes he wouldn’t get into trouble, but Tyson ended up frolicking with a couple of maids that were sent to clean his room.

To put it mildly, Tyson entered the fight unfocused and at less than peak fitness. Still, no one expected the little-known Douglas to last past the first or second round, so when he made it all the way through the middle rounds, the crowd fell into a stunned silence.

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Douglas, floored by Tyson’s signature uppercut, was saved by the bell after a long count at the end of the eighth round. Douglas recovered in the ninth, laying some heavy leather to Tyson’s midsection, and then at 1:22 mark of the 10th round was the beneficiary of a short count after knocking Tyson to the canvas.

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