Flip Rodriguez and Team Ronin bring the drama on ‘Team Ninja Warrior’

Flip Rodriguez and Team Ronin bring the drama on ‘Team Ninja Warrior’

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David “Flip” Rodriguez has been entertaining audiences on American Ninja Warrior since his rookie debut five years ago, and continued bring the thrills earlier this week on Team Ninja Warrior.

After a tough loss, Team Ronin’s Rodriguez was looking for revenge in a rematch with Karsonic Boom’s Karson Voiles. Rodriguez trailed by a few strides going into the final obstacle, but he bounded off the platform onto the Warped Wall runway to pull out the narrowest of victories.

[fusion_title size=”4″]TEAM RONIN VS. THINK TANK[/fusion_title]

Team Ronin’s Rodriguez, Tiana Webberley and JJ Woods took on Think Tank’s Noah Kaufman, Asya Grechka and Matt Wilder in the Relay Showdown.

Rodriguez, running the anchor leg for Team Ronin, was handed a sizable lead by Webberley and Woods, but Kaufman charged hard through the Salmon Ladder and Tilting Ladders to keep things interesting.

[fusion_title size=”4″]BEHIND THE MASK[/fusion_title]

In many ways, Team Ninja Warrior was tailor made for Rodriguez. In past seasons, while other contestants focused on methodically completing courses to qualify for the Vegas finals, the masked Rodriguez would tear through the obstacles with abandon.

Rodriguez’s unbridled enthusiasm earned him a legion of young fans, and the Miami-based freerunner returns the love through coaching the next generation of obstacle racers.

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