Meagan Martin and Kevin Bull’s ninja warrior team excels on ‘Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge’

Meagan Martin and Kevin Bull’s ninja warrior team excels on ‘Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge’

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How do ninja warriors spend their time off? If they’re like Meagan Martin, Michelle Warnky, Maggi Thorne, Kevin Bull or Lance Pekus, they form a super team to partake in NBC’s other obstacle racing series Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge.

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The five friends, each of American Ninja Warrior fame, competed on Spartan as — quite appropriately — the Spartan Ninjas.

Ninja warriors Meagan Martin, Michelle Warnky, Maggi Thorne, Kevin Bull and Lance Pekus compete on 'Spartan'

Whereas ANW culminates in a Warped Wall obstacle, the Spartan course finishes with a Slip Wall that requires the team to creatively stack their bodies to reach the top. The ninjas, aided by Bull and Pekus’ experience from competing on the show last season — had little trouble scaling the wall to win their heat and secure a spot in the next round.

Earlier in the run, the fantastically-fit five showed off their teamwork in powering a crank to hoist a car into the air. Imagine having that on your Jiffy Lube resume.

Okay, so outside of inspiring appearances on American Ninja Warrior and Spartan, how do the quintet pass their time? Let’s see…

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Martin is a world class climber, who competes for the US Bouldering Team between modeling gigs.

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Bull is the world’s fittest stock trader who has been known to partake in pyramid schemes — of non-financial variety.

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Warnky is an instructor at Movement Lab Ohio, where she sometimes serves as the guest of honor at birthday parties.

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Pekus is a genuine cowboy, who supplements hours of back-breaking ranch work with hardcore ninja training amongst the scenic vistas of central Idaho.

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Throne, a mother of three, is a self-described nerd that finds creative ways to involve her progeny in her workouts.

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