UCI Mountain Bike World Cup champ Finn Iles cannonballs his way through quick Quebec City tour

UCI Mountain Bike World Cup champ Finn Iles cannonballs his way through quick Quebec City tour

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Your average Quebec City visitor likes to take their time exploring the city — maybe taking in the view from Château Frontenac before slowly meandering down to La Citadelle, an intact fortress that forms the centerpiece of the ramparts surrounding the old city. But mountain biker Finn Iles is no average Jacques.

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There are many ingredients in Iles’ recipe for success, but focus is key. Whether Iles’s is thundering towards yet another World Cup win on the UCI circuit or cannonballing his way down the stairs and streets of Quebec City at 5 AM – the call time for Red Bull Purest Line filming – his focus allows him to block out everything but his bike and the track when he’s in the saddle.

MTB racer Finn Iles blasts off in Quebec City

Red Bull Purest Line marks just another highlight of MTB racer Finn Iles’s 2017 summer. From graduating high school to securing the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup overall title with two races remaining, the future is an open book.

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Adding to Iles’ busy year was his appearance in Motive, an upcoming film by Mind Spark Cinema and The Coastal Crew.

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In addition Iles, Motive features footage from fellow MTB daredevils Curtis Robinson, Dylan Dunkerton, Garret Mechem, Matt Hunter and Matty Miles.

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