Sports commentator Donald Trump shares his opinions on baseball

Sports commentator Donald Trump shares his opinions on baseball

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Donald Trump wears many hats in addition to his official “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” cap, including real-estate mogul, reality TV star, presidential candidate, and sports commentator. Earlier we looked at Trump’s football tweets; here we catalog his heavily Yankee-centric bloviations on baseball.

Three years ago, Extra host Mario Lopez visited the Donald in his sprawling Big Apple office to talk about the “Trump Curse” and more.

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Most recently, Trump tweeted a picture of a signed ball from baseball’s banished bad boy, Pete Rose.

Naturally, Rose exhorted the Republican front runner to “please make America great again,” which we assume would involve having Charlie Hustle inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame — a move Trump has lobbied heavily for in the past via Twitter.

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Donald Trump tweets about the Yankees, Pete Rose and baseball in general

Both Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter were one-time Trump tenants, but only one emerged in his good graces — and it wasn’t A-Rod.

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