Preacher’s daughter Holly Holm delivers knock-out Sunday sermon in Melbourne

Preacher’s daughter Holly Holm delivers knock-out Sunday sermon in Melbourne

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Fifty-nine seconds into the second round of her mixed martial arts clinic (otherwise known as the main event at UFC 193), Holly Holm was waved off of her opponent. Ronda Rousey lay on the canvas bloodied and unconscious with referee Herb Dean crouched protectively at her side. In what announcer Joe Rogan deemed the greatest upset in UFC history, Holm had claimed the bantamweight belt from the previously unbeaten Rousey.

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Holm’s well-rounded sporting trajectory passed through soccer, gymnastics, swimming, and diving, before landing in the ring with boxing, kickboxing, and finally, mixed martial arts. Fittingly, her dominating win over Rousey drew commentary from a similarly diverse group of sports stars.

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Rousey-nemesis Floyd Mayweather, who had earlier in the week decried the then UFC champ being featured on the cover of Ring Magazine, reportedly employed 50 Cent to post a mocking picture to Instagram, which was later taken down.

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Dana White appeared visibly down in a post-match interview. The UFC president had seen the interest in the sport surge with the dominance of cocksure and camera-friendly Rousey, who appeared to be out of her league against Holm.

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In an October interview on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Rousey was prescient in assessing the specific danger of facing Holm in the octagon.

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