Pint-sized Japanese skaters Sky and Ocean coax Steve Harvey onto a skateboard

Pint-sized Japanese skaters Sky and Ocean coax Steve Harvey onto a skateboard

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Seven-year-old Sky Brown and her four-year-old brother Ocean were recently guests on the Steve Harvey show as part of the host’s week-long “Little Big Shots” celebration. The two pint-sized Japanese skateboarders showcased their preternatural skills on a ramp set up in the studio.

Beforehand, the persistent pair even managed to get a reluctant Harvey to cautiously mount a board for a slow roll across the stage.

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Harvey was clearly more at ease during the sit-down portion of the interview.

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In November of last year, Sky competed in her first ever skate contest at Exposure in Encinitas, California — the biggest girls pro/am contest in the world. She wowed those assembled with her concrete bowl skating, a feat made all the more remarkable by the fact that her first experience in the format came just two months prior.

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In January of this year, a photo of Sky taken by professional sports photographer Christin Rose went viral on Instagram… like crazy viral, with more than one million likes. Gotta love those old-school rainbow-colored tube socks!

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Ocean is no slouch at skating himself. At three years of age he was already competently navigating an indoor skate park. Ramps, rails and stairs pose no problem for the talented tyke.

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Naturally, given his name, Ocean likes to catch waves when he’s not throwing tricks on the skateboard ramp.

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