Aaron Homoki nails jaw-dropping skateboard jump down Lyon 25-step stairs

Aaron Homoki nails jaw-dropping skateboard jump down Lyon 25-step stairs

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The quickest way down a flight of stairs, albeit fraught with danger, is to simply jump over them on a skateboard. Aaron “Jaws” Homoki is among a select few in the world to take this approach and he has paid the price — through gritted teeth — in countless cuts, scratches, breaks and bruises.

For his greatest high-flying trick, Jaws took on a 25-step stairs in Lyon, France. On on early attempt, his board broke upon landing and he tore his medial collateral ligament. After months of convalescing, Jaws was back at it again… and again… and again.

In mid October of 2015, on his umpteenth attempt, Jaws landed on his board to conclude the most ridiculous chapter yet in an ongoing saga of stunning jumps.

[fusion_title size=”4″]THE LYON 25[/fusion_title]

The Lyon 25 was “discovered” and first attempted by legendary Swedish skater Ali Boulala more than a decade ago. The stunt enthralled a generation of big jump enthusiasts who watched video of Boulala’s tries in awe and doubted if anyone would ever be able to pull it off.

[fusion_tagline_box backgroundcolor=”#fafafa” shadow=”yes” shadowopacity=”0.5″ border=”” bordercolor=”transparent” highlightposition=”top” link=”” linktarget=”” buttoncolor=”” button=”” title=”“I had the thought in my head that it might just not be possible. But at the same time, I would never have tried it if I didn’t think it would be possible.”” description=”— Ali Boulala, on the Lyon 25 to After Skate” animation_type=”slide” animation_direction=”left” animation_speed=””][/fusion_tagline_box]

[fusion_title size=”4″]DROP N ROLL[/fusion_title]

With all the abuse Jaws has put his body through, it’s hard to imagine any scenario in which he will have functioning knees or hips in his later years. But for now there are endless roofs, verandas, stairs and bridges that beckon.

20 stair Ollie from our "210 stairs in a Day" video for @ccs_skate. 📷 @natas138 Link in bio to watch.

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