Learn how to pop a wheelie (and keep it going) from mountain bikers Rob Warner, Tom Ohler, Phil Kmetz

Learn how to pop a wheelie (and keep it going) from mountain bikers Rob Warner, Tom Ohler, Phil Kmetz

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At first glance, the wheelie seems nothing more than the most rudimentary of adolescent cycling skills. Looking a little deeper, however, one discovers that being able to consistently hoist the front wheel is one of the most useful mountain bike tricks in the book.

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Don’t know how to do a MTB wheelie yet? Then let Red Bull’s professional mountain bike riders Rob Warner and Tom Öhler break it down for you step by step.

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How to pop a wheelie

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[fusion_li_item icon=””]Find a gently sloped stretch of road on which to practice.[/fusion_li_item]
[fusion_li_item icon=””]Adjust your seat to about half the height you normally have it set.[/fusion_li_item]
[fusion_li_item icon=””]Choose a gear slightly lower than what you would usually use.[/fusion_li_item]
[fusion_li_item icon=””]The two main components to getting the front wheel in the air are the pull on the handlebars and the push on the pedals.[/fusion_li_item]
[fusion_li_item icon=””]Bend your arms and chest toward the handlebar, then pull up in one smooth motion.[/fusion_li_item]
[fusion_li_item icon=””]Shift your upper body weight behind the rear axle.[/fusion_li_item]
[fusion_li_item icon=””]Straighten your arms and keep your weight over the back wheel.[/fusion_li_item]
[fusion_li_item icon=””]Cover your rear brake grip, just in case you find yourself looping out.[/fusion_li_item]

To ride a bicycle any distance on its back wheel requires a smooth pedaling cadence, good power from your legs, a really sensitive touch on the brake, and, of course, good balance.

[fusion_title size=”4″]PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT[/fusion_title]

So what happens when you keep practicing the wheelie?. Mountain biker Phil Kmetz of Skills with Phil YouTube fame discovered, unsurprisingly, that they continue to get easier and easier.

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When all the factors finally come together, a perfectly-executed wheelie is a sight to behold.

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