From Deion Sanders to Sachin Tendulkar, sports stars pay tribute to Muhammad Ali

From Deion Sanders to Sachin Tendulkar, sports stars pay tribute to Muhammad Ali

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Muhammad Ali’s popularity extended well beyond the confines of the boxing ring and fight fans. Arguably, the most popular athlete in history, his passing elicited an outpouring of tributes from across the sporting spectrum.

Muhammad Ali painting

Known as “The Greatest,” Ali helped inspire countless other athletes to rise to the top of their respective sports. From the NFL’s Deion Sanders, the NBA’s Shaquille O’Neal and MLB’s Justin Verlander to cricket’s Sachin Tendulkar and tennis’ Boris Becker, those influenced by Ali spanned the globe.

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Reppin the GOAT SHIRTS with @realgranthill THIS FOR U CHAMP, THE WORLD WILL NEVER FORGET #muhammadali

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R.I.P to the Greatest thanks for all you done for the WORLD ..Way more then a boxer #Muhammadali #Champ

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🙏🏾 Legend Ali … God Bless … You home now

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#RIP @muhammadali the Greatest athlete to EVER live! He was 1 of my childhood heroes because of his brashness,articulation,style and CONFIDENCE. There was only 1 athlete that I placed his picture in my weightroom at home. The Picture was of The champ saying "ALL I DID WAS STAND FOR WHAT I BELIEVED". I respected ALI in and out of the ring because he was so much more than a boxer. 1 of the greatest days of my life was when I attended his charity event in Arizona and spent true quality time with the Champ in his suite talking about my faith and his. I stood for what I believed & he did too. Wow it was such a beautiful thing that 2 brothers with different thoughts and convictions but expressing love & respect for one another with Peace & Joy. There will NEVER be another like my HERO MUHAMMAD ALI!!!!!! I'm truly saddened we've lost a REAL MAN that was so much bigger than boxing and was willing to fight the multitudes as well for you and i. #hestood #Hefought #Hesmiled #Hewasreal #Hewastimeless #Truth

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Legends. Jim Brown + Muhammad Ali. 1966. 📷: AP

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"The man who has no imagination has no wings" || R.I.P. to the greatest ever

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An inspiration. A legend. Forever a champion. RIP Muhammad Ali. 😢

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He brought so much skill, charisma and love to sports. RIP Ali 🙏🏻

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We lost the "greatest" today… Such an inspiration to many… Me included!!! #ripchamp #wewillmissyou

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He will always be an inspiration. He will always be my idol. He will always be the greatest.

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