Dude Perfect’s Cory (or Coby?) Cotton one ups William Tell’s trust shot with styrofoam glider

Dude Perfect’s Cory (or Coby?) Cotton one ups William Tell’s trust shot with styrofoam glider

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After having explored basketball, Blitzball, bowling, fidget spinner, football, golf, lacrosse, Nerf ball, ping pong, pool and tennis trick shots, Dude Perfect put their piloting skills to the test with hand-tossed styrofoam gliders.

[fusion_title size=”4″]GLIDER TRICK SHOTS[/fusion_title]

Tyler Toney kicks off Dude Perfect’s misleadingly-named “Airplane Trick Shots” video (they use gliders, not airplanes) with a Triple-Hoop Loopty Loop which nails a seated Cody Jones smack dab in the sternum.

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Garrett Hilbert followed Toney’s trick shot by sending his glider under and over three hurdles of different heights onto a miniature landing strip. But it was one of Dude Perfect’s twins who executed the best trick shot of all…

[fusion_title size=”4″]THE NO-LOOKING LOOPER[/fusion_title]

According to legend, William Tell was obligated by a local big shot to shoot an apple off his son Richard’s head with his crossbow. Eight-hundred years later, Dude Perfect put their own twist on that famed trick shot with a glider and balloon replacing arrow and apple.

One of Dude Perfect's twins prepares for The No Looking Looper trick shot with styrofoam glider

For the No Looking Looper trust shot, Cory or Coby Cotton (how does one tell them apart?) had only himself to blame if things went wrong.

Dude Perfect's "Glider Trick Shots" includes a dangerous looping flight

Cotton threw a glider outfitted with a “death device” in its nose up over his head before before it looped down behind him to pop the balloon affixed to his cap.

Balloon is popped as one of Dude Perfect's twins nails his glider trick shot

Thankfully for Cotton, and Dude Perfect’s family-friendly reputation, no twins were harmed during the filming of the trick.

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