Chicago Bulls star Dwyane Wade’s off-court legacy lives on in Miami

Chicago Bulls star Dwyane Wade’s off-court legacy lives on in Miami

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Dwyane Wade has already made a significant impact in first season with the Chicago Bulls — he’s the team’s second leading scorer behind Jimmy Butler — but his off-court legacy continues to reverberate far from the shores of Lake Michigan.

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During his thirteen seasons with the Miami Heat, Wade partnered with the Make-A-Wish Southern Florida to grant the wishes of 36 children. The impact that these meetings had on the children was life-changing.

Watch as five of these kids – Wildine, Max, Nataly, Lander and Damian – fondly remember their time with Wade and thank the NBA star for making their dream come true.

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Wade’s 2008 meeting with Noa Ornellas was chronicled on ESPN’s My Wish.

Noa survived a liver transplant and massive infection as an infant to grow into a capable hoopster. During his visit with Wade, he bested his idol in a game of one-on-one and then scored some serious swag back at Wade’s house.

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