Best NHL jerseys of all time headlined by Blackhawks, Canadiens and Kings

Best NHL jerseys of all time headlined by Blackhawks, Canadiens and Kings

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The National Hockey League has boasted many talented teams over the years, and just as many noteworthy jerseys: from the old-school uniforms of the Original Six to the freshly-sewn threads of the Vegas Golden Knights.

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WatchMojo counted down their picks for the top 10 best uniforms in NHL history with the Hartford Whalers (1992-97) coming in at No. 10.

In ascending order, the other uniforms to make the list were the Toronto Maple Leafs home jersey (2011-16), Pittsburgh Penguins away jersey (2014-), Washington Capitals third jersey (2011-), New York Rangers away jersey (2007-), Edmonton Oilers blue home jersery (2008-), Boston Bruins black home jersey (2007-), Los Angeles Kings silver and black jersey (1992-95), Montreal Canadiens home jersey (2015-), and coming in at No. 1, the Chicago Blackhawks home jersey (2011-).

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A more panoramic view of hockey’s most fashionable (and foul-worthy) jerseys can be found at Pop Chart Lab. This cherry-picked check-list of the NHL’s most striking sweaters — and a few from Canadian, minor, and Olympic teams — skates through 110 years of high-sticking history.

Pop Chart Lab's Visual Compendium of Hockey Jerseys (1905-2015)

Look closely and you’ll find classics like the ’55 Blackhawks and the ’86 Red Wings, curiosities like the ’95 Bruins “Smile Bear” and the ’06 Sabres “Banana Slug”, and a few goon-y gaffes that should probably go in the penalty box forever (we’re looking at you, ’78 Canucks and ’96 Lightning).

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As for the current crop of NHL jerseys from Adidas, TDI Hockey ranked all 31 according to his personal preference and put the Vegas Golden Knights at No. 1 followed by the Minnesota Wild and Colorado Avalanche.

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