Adam Wainwright and the mysteriously malfunctioning softball pitching machine

Adam Wainwright and the mysteriously malfunctioning softball pitching machine

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Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright has been champing at the bit to get back on the mound ever since suffering an Achilles injury early in the season. On Monday, he seized at the opportunity to toss the ball again, when the pitching machine at his daughter’s softball game mysteriously went out of commission (really, Adam?).

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This isn’t the first time Wainwright has made softball news. After pitching at last year’s MLB All-Star Game, Wainwright admitted to serving up a “softball” to retiring Yankees captain Derek Jeter.

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Wainwright later recanted his admission in a dugout interview with Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews.

Skip Bayless of ESPN First Take didn’t buy Wainwright’s later explanation, while Stephen A. Smith took the media to task for haranguing Wainwright for grooving a pitch (or not) in an exhibition game.

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