Rafael Nadal bounces ball off side of racquet 406 times, obliterates personal record

Rafael Nadal bounces ball off side of racquet 406 times, obliterates personal record

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Rafael Nadal will be trying for his third US Open title this year, and sixteenth Grand Slam overall when action kicks off in Flushing, New York this week.

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The Spaniard, who returned to the No. 1 ranking earlier today, brings a single-minded intensity to anything and everything related to tennis — even when there isn’t a tournament on the line.

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At Wimbledon in 2014, Nadal obliterated his previous personal best of 100-plus consecutive tennis ball bounces off the side of a racquet head in filming a promo for a French racquet company.

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Aside from making some impressive ball recoveries when the count was in the mid 200s, Nadal managed, mid attempt, to serve up a smidgeon of smack talk to Poland’s top tennis pro (and wholly innocent bystander) Aga Radwanska.

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One can only imagine that Nadal, given his nimble feet, would have no trouble keeping pace with the tennis-ball kicking dude in the the above video. Doing both skills simultaneously might be another story…

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