Poker Potpourri: Funniest players, top controversies, and best fights

Poker Potpourri: Funniest players, top controversies, and best fights

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Our friends over at the View On Poker channel have put together a series of videos with a lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’ for poker fans everywhere. Here we present a third volume our Friday night poker potpourri featuring the funniest players, top controversies, and best fights.

Starr Cards Poker Potpourri Volume Three starring Phil Laak

Look for appearances by Phil Laak, Daniel Negreanu, Prahlad S. Friedman and Andras Koroknai. When you’re finished be sure to check out Volume One and Volume Two.

[fusion_title size=”4″]FUNNIEST POKER PLAYERS[/fusion_title]

Poker is fun to watch when there are plenty of mind games and great bluffs, but it also helps to have some comic relief at the table.

So, who are the funniest of the funny poker pros? No compilation would be complete without Phil Laak, Daniel Negreanu, and Antonio Esfandiari.

[fusion_title size=”4″]TOP POKER CONTROVERSIES[/fusion_title]

From giving the chips forward motion and then taking them back to mistakingly throwing a monster hand pre-flop, the following video highlights five poker controversies.

Check out the mental mishaps by Filippo Candio, Prahlad S. Friedman and Andras Koroknai.

[fusion_title size=”4″]BEST POKER FIGHTS[/fusion_title]

Good play and quality bluffs make for entertaining poker, but you just know that a fight will ratchet the action up a level.

This video compilation features some of the best poker fights ever recorded on TV, whether on major tournament events like the WSOP, the Premier League and others or during cash games like Poker after Dark.

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