Hey, Seattleites! Richard Sherman will give you a lift to the airport (and talk your ear off)

Hey, Seattleites! Richard Sherman will give you a lift to the airport (and talk your ear off)

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Need some extra motivation to give Lyft a try for the first time? Well, how about having Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman as your driver? Sherman went undercover as a Lyft driver in Seattle and recorded the whole thing for yucks. No word as to whether the Stanford grad was allowed to keep his tips (or if he got any).

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[fusion_title size=”4″]DRIVING SCHOOL[/fusion_title]

The Sherman would make for a competent driver should come as no surprise, as his football training regimen involves lots of driving, braking and traffic cones.

[fusion_title size=”4″]FATHER TIMES TWO[/fusion_title]

The extra income Sherman earned from his driving gig should come in handy as his fiancée, Ashley Moss, recently gave birth to their second child — a beautiful girl named Avery.

Sherman and Moss’ first child, a son Rayden, appeared on the scene in February 2015, just days after Super Bowl XLIX. From the look of things, he may be destined to follow his father in the Lyft business.

My Son just got his license! #youngdrivers #aprilfools

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